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Planning your tattoo

 You want to get a tattoo but you aren’t sure of what to get. Or you know what you want, but don’t know how to get the artist to draw what you want done. Here are a few things that might make it a bit easier on you and your artist..Deciding on your tattoo you […]

Surgery date and catching up

 Wow, I haven’t posted since February! So much has been happening as I try to prepare mentally and financially for my Surgery, the time has just flown by. What have I been busy with? Well, things have been super busy at Zulu Tattoo. I have been neck deep in drawings and planning the numerous Cover-ups that have […]

Kitsune and Tanuki

 Now  a continuation of my Kowai Kawaii Yokai.. Today I will talk about my two favorite tricksters Kitsune and Tanuki (click on names for more information). Both of them are traditional Japanese Yokai and both are shape shifters.. I would say they were my gateway Yokai. They were the way I discovered that yokai existed and introduced me to a […]

I wish I could draw

     I was talking to my Mom a few months back, she and my sister had started taking watercolor classes. She was telling me that she was frustrated that she couldn’t draw that well. And that she wished she had the ability that I had to draw.. I told her that she does have the ability, […]


My friend Alana and I are both workaholics and have both worked ourselves sick. She and I both try to keep an eye on each other making sure the other isn’t overdoing it. But how to do so with out sounding like a nag?  Then my friend Bensen posted The Spoon Theory ( I am not […]

Copying is not flattery

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.. And that it may be, but trying to copy something and pass it off as your own is just stealing! It was brought to my attention yesterday that 2 people were copying my work and selling it on etsy.  This is even more annoying since I am struggling financially and […]

So you want to be a Tattoo Artist..

I am constantly getting emails from people wanting to become a tattoo artist.     Let me start by saying tattooing is a full time job, not a hobby you can do on the side. You need to do it consetenly to be any good at it. And if you are making a permanent mark on some one […]

My 20th Anniversary of Tattooing

August 1991 I picked up my first tattoo machine. There were very few women in tattooing at that time and I got lots of “oh honey that’s cute, you want to tattoo’.. I ignored the condescending comments and found a tattoo artist who was willing to get me some equipment and give me the basics..Thanks so much Sicko for […]

Upcoming Shows for Dec. 2009

It’s a busy week for Misha. Friday December 11th is the opening of “Paper Pushers 2009” at Gallery 1988 S.F. 1173 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA 94109. Misha has 12 drawings in the show. On Tuesday December 15th Misha will be part of The LOST Underground Art Project at Gallery 1988 L.A. Ronie Midfew Arts […]

Seamus Venus painting in “17 Again” preview

The trailer for the upcoming Matthew Perry/Zac Efron/Leslie Mann movie “17 Again” reveals a pretty cool painting in the background, albeit fuzzy. It’s My Metroid-themed “Seamus Venus,” in Reno 911! favorite Thomas Lennon’s house!!! Check out the screen captures: I’m hoping you’ll see it better in the film, as well as many other Gallery 1988 […]

Past Press & Interviews

Press for Crazy for Cult 2008 Interviewed By Blair Butler for G4 Misha next to her sold piece with Blair. Geek Out: Gallery 1988 ‘Toys’ Show interview with Blair Butler for G4. Some of the top artists in the country do work influenced by their love of toys. Misha’s interview starts at the 2:42 time. […]