Metaphors for life : Looking at the road ahead

I use metaphors alot I tend to take the metaphor as far as I can. A few of my friends have told me I need to write them down somewhere.. Well ok guys here I go..

As an artist I have people say to me "I wish I could draw, I can't even draw a straight line." Funny but drawing a straight line isn't always required in making a piece of art.. But if you do want to draw a straight line there are ways to make it look straighter. When you draw you don't look at the tip of your pencil and where it it touching the paper, you look a little ahead of your pencil and pull the line to the end point.. It's like when you drive your car, you don't look at the front of your bumper, you look at the road a bit a head to see if there is anything you need to be aware of like stoplights, cars stopping, pedestrians, how fast traffic is moving ect.. and you are aiming to your destination.

I guess you could take this metaphor for life as well.. You want to see whats around you right now, but if you only focus on where you are right now (looking at your bumper) lamenting how your life is and never planning a destination, you will never move and will stay just where you are. You need to think about where you are headed and plan the route to your destination.. While on your way look a bit ahead and plan for the obstacles that may get in the way of your destination. Some times you may need to take a detour (change the way you are getting to what you want to do) because the way you wanted to go is gone or blocked.. Other times you may discover that the destination you were headed to is no longer there or possibly you no longer have an interest in the original destination and you need to rethink where you are going..

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