New Beginnings

Life has been kinda crazy this year. I moved to Thai town, Was in a number of art shows and had a table in Artists alley for Comic Con.. All of which meant that I have been working nonstop!
Today is the first real day off in ages. A day that I am not home sick or have a huge list of errands to do or any of that.. I can do what I want, when I want to.. So what do I do? Start a Blog..
Not sure how I want to do this.. Random musings? Art tutorials? pictures of my pets? I guess the blog will just happen naturally and I will do what feels right at the time..

I used to post a blog on SuicideGirls for years. I really loved their format, but their not safe for work format just meant I never had time to be on it.. So I moved on to Facebook, which doesn't let you post more than 420 characters unless you make it a note and no one reads them. I just moved on to G+ I think I like it better than FB but time will tell. Being on G+ made me realize how much I really just wanted to be able to write what ever and post pictures and people can read it or ignore it, but I could go back later and read it all in one place..

So here is a picture of my pet Rats: Areyn Sun, LeeLooDallas and Squeek (aka the Grim Squeeker)

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