My friend Alana and I are both workaholics and have both worked ourselves sick. She and I both try to keep an eye on each other making sure the other isn't overdoing it. But how to do so with out sounding like a nag? Then my friend Bensen posted The Spoon Theory http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory-written-by-christine-miserandino/ ( I am not copying it , as per the request on the website. But go and read it, it will change how your view on chronic illness). Reading the Spoon Theory made me realize that even tho I do not have chronic illness, we all only have so many spoons everyday and if we use them all up we make ourselves susceptible to the effects of stress and getting sick. Think of each spoon as a bit of energy you use up and you only get so many spoons each day, once they are gone they are gone and if you use more than you have, you will have even less the next day.
So now Alana and I will ask each other "How are your Spoons?" or suggest things to each other to do to replenish spoons. Reading this article gave me the ability to access where I really am. Have I used up all my spoons? Do I have enough spoons to do this? and remind myself that if I use up all my spoons I won't have enough energy to fight off colds and keep healthy...So make sure not use up all your spoons!
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