Tattoos By Misha and reaction to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

As news of Covid-19 seemingly occupies more and more of the public conversation, We want to let you know what we're doing here at Tattoos by Misha to promote the safety and health our clients. Experts seem confident that the virus is transmutable primarily by "droplets", or by touching a surface with the virus on it. Cleanliness has always been very important to us. Luckily Salon Republic (the Salon were in) already has a full-time janitorial staff, and is stepping up a more intensive cleaning and sanitation/disinfecting of surfaces as specifically recommended by the CDC. We here at Tattoos by Misha also have the advantage that we have a self-contained and controlled studio versus being in an open "public" area shared with lots of other tattoo artist. That and the fact that we already follow OSHA's Universal Precaution Procedures to keep our clients safe from diseases like Hepatitis and Tuberculosis also help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We encourage you to stay informed. Despite the headline-grabbing postponements of major public entertainment events, etc., the threat coming to our studio is very low, and our studio environment is very different than a public gathering place. Here are some news sources we've found helpful: -Official Center for Disease Control & Prevention Website: -Dr Sanjay Gupta Podcast: Coronavirus: Fact v. Fiction
Thank you all for your love, support and understanding during these stressful times.
tod & Misha
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