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My Cute & Creepy Tarot Deck is Live on Kickstarter!

I launched a Kickstarter to help fund my Cute & Creepy Tarot Deck. In five days it was fully funded!!! But I’d still like to hit my Stretch Goal of $10,000 so I can print more Tarot Decks, Companion Books, and Coloring Books!  Here’s a Link to my Kickstarter   Hi! My name is Misha, […]

Dragon Lady Face Lift

I’m giving my old Dragon Lady painting a face-lift. I’m still painting my big eyed monster girls, but my painting skill have improved and she seemed like a good piece to play with those new skills. She is still in progress, I will post when she is finished. ‪#‎workinprogress‬ ‪#‎wip‬ ‪#‎dragon‬ ‪#‎dragonlady‬‪#‎painting‬


She is DONE! Lovely Jorogumo is ready to be photographed for prints and then off to be framed by @framingdevil . Then she will be hung in my new tattoo studio. ‪#‎yokai‬ ‪#‎jorogumo‬ ‪#‎painting‬

Surgery date and catching up

 Wow, I haven’t posted since February! So much has been happening as I try to prepare mentally and financially for my Surgery, the time has just flown by. What have I been busy with? Well, things have been super busy at Zulu Tattoo. I have been neck deep in drawings and planning the numerous Cover-ups that have […]

Kitsune and Tanuki

 Now  a continuation of my Kowai Kawaii Yokai.. Today I will talk about my two favorite tricksters Kitsune and Tanuki (click on names for more information). Both of them are traditional Japanese Yokai and both are shape shifters.. I would say they were my gateway Yokai. They were the way I discovered that yokai existed and introduced me to a […]