Kitsune and Tanuki

 Now  a continuation of my Kowai Kawaii Yokai.. Today I will talk about my two favorite tricksters Kitsune and Tanuki (click on names for more information). Both of them are traditional Japanese Yokai and both are shape shifters.. I would say they were my gateway Yokai. They were the way I discovered that yokai existed and introduced me to a new world.Kitsune is a fox, Tanuki is a Japanese Tanuki (raccoon dog). I first came upon both of them while playing the video game Animal Crossing. They had Kitsune called Crazy Redd, the black market salesman with a tent that sold you things, sometimes very overpriced.  The Tanuki was Tom Nook, he was the owner of the local store where you buy supplies and sell things.

Tom Nook reminded me of Mario in Super Mario Bros 3 dressed in a Tanuki suit. Now I know why..

I keep seeing them both everywhere.. I finally fell deeply in love with them both with  the Movie Pom Poko a story about the Tanuki trying to save their natural habitat. This movie had not only Tanuki, but also Kitsune and my first glimpse of a Ghost Parade with many Yokai I had never seen before.. After seeing this movie I started looking for information on Yokai and found more and more little glimpses of them everywhere.

Lately I have been a bit obsessed with making Kitsune and Tanuki as shape-shifted girls with Masks as hair ornaments and makeup to match their personalities. Here are a few of my new pieces featuring Kitsune and Tanuki.

The two of them are continuing to inspire me, and we have many new adventures to come.

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