My 20th Anniversary of Tattooing

August 1991 I picked up my first tattoo machine. There were very few women in tattooing at that time and I got lots of “oh honey that’s cute, you want to tattoo’.. I ignored the condescending comments and found a tattoo artist who was willing to get me some equipment and give me the basics..Thanks so much Sicko for helping me get my start and thanks to my Brother and to my Husband for helping me finance my first machines. I began by tattooing my friends who were kind enough to let me practice on them (thanks Ya’ll).  2 years of tattooing and not really knowing what to do and I was getting frustrated. I had a job in a shop, but knew I could be doing better, I knew my tattoos could be so much more. Luckily Miz Jo-D Bones who had been tattooing me offered me an apprentiship, I would be taking a step back and have to come up with several thousand dollars to pay for it. But I knew I needed it to be better, so I talked to my Dad and he said that he and Mom thought my apprentiship was an education, so they would help me pay for it..  What I learned in the first 6 months was more than I had learned in the first 2 years. That step was a leap forward..Here is a picture of  My first tattooing attempt.  I tattooed 2 grapefruit and then took them to the first Lollapalooza. I was so punk rock my fruit was tattooed!

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4 Responses to “My 20th Anniversary of Tattooing”

  1. I don’t think I had ever seen the grapefruits. Interesting hearing it from your side of the table! Love, Mom 🙂

  2. Sorry you still had to pay for your apprenticeship. Traditionally, it’s time served at the shop doing “Grunt” work that pays for your education.
    But, glad you sought out instruction instead of the other route.

  3. Oh, and congrats on the 20 years Inl

  4. I am not sorry I had to pay for it. It was an education, I would pay a college to teach me, why not a mentor who is teaching me one on one.. And some grunt work is usually part of it pay or not.. but by paying the focus was on my education and not me doing stuff for my teacher.
    I have seen people who will take on an apprentice for “grunt work”. there is usually more grunt than actually teaching. and in some cases the apprentice quits because of the abuse.

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