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Yokai: Amabie Print

Yokai: Amabie Print

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11 x 14 inch Giclee print

signed and numbered, limited edition of 12

I love Yokai and have been influenced by these  amazing creatures from Japanese folklore, they have been a great inspiration to me. During the Covid-19 closures I learned about another Yokai, who re-emerged in modern Japan to fight this plague.  This is Amabie, (pronounced Ah-mah-bee-ey).

“In 1846, Amabie emerged from the ocean and spoke in human language, predicting six years of good harvests, followed by a wave of diseases,” 

“Should an epidemic come,” it is reported to have uttered, “draw me and show me to the people.”
And then it sank beneath the waves, never to be seen again.
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